36 Finding your way around36 Finding your way around 36 Dashboard36 Dashboard 36 Course layout36 Course layout 36 Edit icons36 Edit icons 36 Drag and drop files36 Drag and drop files 36 What are blocks?36 What are blocks? 36 HTML block36 HTML block 36 Add edit text36 Add edit text 36 Edit course sections36 Edit course sections 36 Activity completion36 Activity completion 36 Filepicker36 Filepicker 36 Uploading files36 Uploading files 36 Adding images36 Adding images 36 Private Files36 Private Files 36 Activity chooser36 Activity chooser 36 Forum36 Forum 36 Book36 Book 36 URL36 URL 36 Assignment36 Assignment 36 Quiz36 Quiz 36 Enrolling learners36 Enrolling learners 36  Course reports36 Course reports 36 Gradebook36 Gradebookembed video by VideoLightBox.com v3.1